The ultimate guide for updating your CV and cover letter

If you are actively seeking a job or thinking of changing careers, learning about our ultimate guide for updating your CV and drafting a great cover letter should be at the top of your to-do list. Your CV is the first thing any recruiter will know about you, and thus it must showcase your best qualities, reflect on your past experiences, and entice the recruiter to consider you for the position. Here are our tips for updating your CV and cover letter.

Over time, you gain more experience, and possibly acquire new degrees as well. These new pieces of information should be integrated into the updated version of your CV, so as to highlight your qualifications. This will come in handy for two reasons; first, is that you will appear as the perfect fit for your job offer, and second, you will have more of an upper hand during salary negotiations. 

How to update your CV?

Do your research:

Research is the first step in our ultimate guide for updating your CV. Look up keywords that are used in the job offer that you want to apply for, and make sure to incorporate them in your CV, this way; recruiters are more likely to be drawn to you. Using industry jargon also gives you a professional boost. You sound like you belong and you have the degrees to prove it.

A total CV makeover:

As the job market gets more saturated, your CV might be the only thing to keep you from ending up on the reject pile. Make sure to use a good, professional font, an adequate color palette, and new, modern templates. If you know your way around a computer, you can try makig a video CV or slideshow. Choose one aspect of your CV and work on it very well. This will distinguish you from other applicants, and lessen your chances of rejection. This second step in our guide for updating your CV is essential, so don’t skip it.


To ensure that your CV is always ready to be shared with recruiters when the need arises, this step on our guide for updating your CV is a great one to start with. Create a file on your laptop, Drive, or hard drive, and store your newest achievements in there. This way, all info to be updated will be within easy reach, and you won’t keep procrastinating.

Stay active to update your CV more often:

Our guide for updating your CV isn’t just about changing what you already have; it’s also about changing your attitude and way of life. If you want your CV to be the best, you will have to act like the best. Participate in events organized by companies that you aspire to work for. You can also take extra courses about that new technology in your field, etc. Grow yourself and your network.

What should you focus on while updating your cv?

Resume summary and or/objectives:

This step on our guide for updating your CV is all about being straightforward. Most recruiters do not have the time or the energy to look over each detail on your CV. Having a concise, clear, and to the point paragraph that explains your goals and what you’re looking for in your next employment is the best option. Keep your summary short, outlining only your achievements and mentioning your objectives briefly.

Education section:

Whether it’s formal or informal, education is a key factor to elaborate on when updating your CV. You should always update your academic achievements in a way that prioritizes the most recent and most relevant. It is pertintent to mention the year of completion and the institute as well. This shows your credibility and how work-oriented you are. However if you don’t have any new degrees to show, no need to waste space on listing old graduation dates.

Work experience:

For the ultimate guide for updating your CV, your work experience is your most special asset. As your CV has a limited space, updating your work history to contain only those that are relevant to your desired post is a must. Make sure to also give a few details about your responsibilities for each post. You will look like a capable employee, and a great addition to the team.

Volunteer work:

Mentionning extracurricular activities is a definite plus in our guide for updating your CV. Not only will it give you a more dynamic, personal dimension in the eyes of the recruiters, but it will also reflect on other skills that you have. Make sure not to bombard this segment with everything you have ever participated in. Instead, focus on projects that had an impact on their community, and that allowed you to learn new things in relation to your desired post.

How to draft the perfect cover letter?

A well-written cover letter is the perfect addition to a CV. While updating your cv showcases your competencies, a cover letter allows you to express how you will use them to excel in your new role. These tips can help you write a great cover letter in no time!

Grab attention:

The first advice in our guide to drafting a great cover letter is to grab their attention. Use that first line of the first paragraph to make your cover letter stick and intrigue the recruiter. Start off by sharing a story, asking a rhetorical question, or sharing an intimate detail.

Introduce to impress:

Drafting a great cover letter means not sharing boring details that are predictable and have already been mentioned in your updated CV. Instead, keep your introduction short, snappy, confident, and – above all – related to the position.

Make them believe in you:

This is where you answer the question “Why?” in our guide to drafting a great cover letter.  You should talk about your true calling in life, about why you chose to apply for this particular point. Aim to sound passionate, but not too fake or emotionally invested. A well written cover letter should echo what your updated CV metioned.

Highlight your skills:

Now that they know you, you have to back your talk with skills that make you the best profile for the post. Outline your academic background, and share the skills that you have accumulated over the years.

The final say:

One way to think of your closing paragraph while drafting a great cover letter is as a closing argument in a debate: you won’t give any new ideas, but you have to wrap everything you have just served up together to take a clear stand. Be sure to always go back to the point of your cover letter- how fit you are to fill the post, always highlighting how you can benefit the company. Finish off with a professional, yet warm farewell that promises a great employee if they hire you. What matters most is keeping your cover letter and updated CV in alignment.

With today’s problems and overwhelming conditions, it may seem at times that finding a job-let alone the perfect job for you- can be an impossible task to achieve. But in an age of mass consumption and copy cats, singling yourself out and showing your true potential through your CV and cover letter can be just what you need to realize your professional dreams. Our guide for updating your CV and drafting a great cover letter will help you reach this and start a new carrer right here on Sabiss.  

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