5 things you must avoid in a salary negotiation

Salary negotiation is a fundamental step of everybody’s professional journey. Whether it is a new job or a performance review during your existing job, you must negotiate your salary.

Negotiating your salary gives you a chance to maximize your pay. It is also considered an assertive move. By doing so, you show the recruiter that you are self-confident and that you value your skills.

A lot of candidates commit dreadful mistakes while negotiating their salaries. Continue reading to find out the things you must avoid in a salary negotiation.

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Do not immediately accept the first salary offer!

The first step to salary negotiation is actually negotiating your salary. If you immediately accept your recruiter’s initial offer without negotiation, chances are, you are plainly leaving money at the table. Don’t be surprised if your office neighbor who does exactly the same job as you (or maybe less) is getting paid more money than you are. The only difference is that they did not settle for the very first sum that was offered to them.

Lacking confidence is not how you negotiate your salary!

It is understandable. Salary negotiation could feel scary if you are the shy type. But keep in mind that you are jeopardizing your present and future financial situation. Employers will only give you what you are settling for. It is suitable for them anyways.

Lacking confidence is one of the first things you must avoid during a salary negotiation. Stand up for your skills and hard work. If you do not value your competencies first nobody else will.

Complaining to your employer about your living expenses is a big no.

The recruiter’s job is to provide for the company someone who is capable to fit the job’s requirements at a low cost. They simply do not care if your rent is too expensive. Sympathy does not work on recruiters.

But they do care about what you are bringing to the table. Highlight skills and values that are uniquely yours and negotiate with logic. Referring to living expenses is one of the very big “salary negotiation don’ts“.

Try not to mention your co-workers during your salary negotiation.

Do not stir trouble and bad-mouth coworkers to climb the ladder. Focus on yourself and what your skills are worth. Mentioning co-workers during your salary negotiation will only get them to contempt you and cause you problems you did not need in your workplace.

You are getting paid less because you settled for that exact amount. It is nobody’s responsibility but yours!

Keep it professional.

Some salary offers are too low which is almost disrespectful for the candidate. No matter how insulted you feel by the offer do not go on saying things like: “Are you serious?” “Is this a joke?” “You must be kidding me right now!”.

Simply proceed by saying: “I don’t think my degree and skillset are worth only “XXXX amount”. And wish them luck finding a suitable candidate for their offer. You can also suggest your range of salary expectations to test the waters. Recruiters often suggest the minimum even tho they are able to provide a lot more.

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