Top 10 Countries to Live and Work in 2022!

Top 10 Countries to live and work in 2022

Imagine you get your hands on a lot of money from winning in a lottery or getting an inheritance, and have to decide where you want to live in the world. How do you decide on the best countries to live in? Which country would be most ideal for you to work, boost your career and also living standards? .In this text we shall make thing easy for you by providing reliable information that ensures, you get value for the money you spent.
If you have travelled the world even if it was for vacation you may have a slight idea on what you want and which country might work for you when you need to work or settle. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan for when you decide to move to a new country.
Before you decide which is the best place to live and work you must have a plan. A plan which involves what you want to achieve where you are going, education plans in case you have children that are studying, the finances you have in place etc. If you’re looking for a country to grow your profession, look for the best countries to live in the world especially abroad. Here is a list of ten of the best countries to live in.

Best countries to live in : What would you choose ?

  1. Canada :

Canada is among the best countries to live and work in. As a first time visitor, life may not be easy but with time it gets easier since you get to adapt. The people in Canada are warm and welcoming despite the cold climate. To add to that, the government in Canada encourages diversity and is very welcoming to visitors coming in from another country.

While in Canada you have many option of where to settle and work too. Some of the cities in Canada include Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Other than the good opportunities available, Niagara Falls offers the best tourist attraction site in Canada. Calgary Stampede is also found in Canada, it is the largest festival in the world. If you are a food lover, there is a variety too. From smoked meat, maple syrup etc. These are just some of the delicacies you can sample as much as you like once you’re in Canada.

  1. New Zealand :

Some people are naturally peaceful. You might be looking for a serene environment, with minimal noise and the best working atmosphere. If that is the case, then New Zealand is perfect for you since it is one of the best countries to live in the world ranking. It has several available opportunities like nursing, social workers etc.

New Zealand is naturally beautiful and the education system is very impressive for those that have children. The standard of living is also pretty high therefore if you are not financially stable you might struggle to settle in at first. Overtime life gets better though. Good governance is part of the reason why New Zealand is very attractive to immigrants and be among best place to live and work. Some of the cities in New Zealand include Christchurch, Wellington, Queensland and Auckland.

  1. Singapore :

Singapore is a very small country. However it is the wealthiest per capita city in the world. Singapore is well known for its safe life and very low taxes, the public service is also great. It is a one stop shop for anyone who is looking for a home and a place to live and work. The available tourist attractions include Gardens by the bay, Sensota Island and many more. If you have an artistic soul, this is among the best countries to live in. It offers The Singapore Arts Festival which usually lasts for close to thirty days.

  1. Australia :

Australia offers you a high standard of living than any other country worldwide. As a worker looking for a country with great benefits, making it the best place to live and work. It has a high social capital and the citizens are welcoming too.

Some of the popular cities in Australia are Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and its capital city is Canberra. Bondi beach is a major tourist attraction in Australia, there is also Sydney Opera House to keep you busy and entertain you whenever you are bored or looking for a place to pass time. You can also find fresh sea food which a favorite dish for the locals among reasons making to best countries to live in the world ranking.

  1. Sweden :

Sweden offers a very good healthcare system. It has an open economy which means work can be found quite easily and the governance is also great. Sweden has some great history which makes it very attractive among the best countries to live in.

  1. Switzerland :

If you would like to move to a European country the Switzerland is ideal for you. It is very famous for its landscapes and beautiful sites. The climate is healthy and if you are an outdoor person there are many activities you can indulge in like hiking, bike riding and swimming .This makes it one of best countries to live in the world ranking.

  1. Norway :

Norway is among one of the safest best places to live and work in the world. Its International film festival is a must attend if you’re new to the country.It is famous for its clean water and air and numerous job opportunities, high wages , low crime rates and great life work balance hence, best countries to live in the world ranking.

  1. Netherlands :

Netherlands is well known for its natural beauty and rich history. The lifestyle in Netherlands is quite healthy and good for immigrants looking for the best place to live and work. Some of the popular food to the locals are meatballs and waffles. Holland art festival offers entertainment since it’s the oldest festival available.

  1. South Africa :

South Africa offers a very rich culture and the people are quite welcoming. It’s a good place to work and live. cities such as Durban ,Cape town and Johannesburg provides you with conducive environment where employers have shifted to hybrid work hence ability to work from home and office.

Its high standard and being a home of different nationalities approves it to best countries to live in the world ranking. the fact that it is a melting pot of cultures which can be seen its housing styles, places of worship and its people is an added advantage.

  1. Panama :

Panama is a very affordable country, especially for a beginner. It’s a very safe place which is rich in resources and some good tourist attractions. Panama has been on the map for the best countries to live in the world ranking so its very ideal to settle in.

Choosing where to move to can be a difficult choice but with these few tips you are well on your way. If you are looking for work consider your options, finances and decide which country best suits your interests. It is safer to pick a country with a great growth rate expectation..

What to consider when choosing to live abroad?

Moving to new countries can be challenging and more so be a life-changing event. Before moving, some of the common factors that people consider are; post-retirement life, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, property to income ratio, quality of life and monthly income when it comes to choosing the best countries to live in.

Various people have their own personal reasons as to why they want to move and work abroad. There are others who are after some of the best countries to live in which offer better career opportunities or lifestyle. Some people just wish to explore new places or engage in outdoor activities or even for adventure.

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