In a time where everything is evolving so rapidly and inconsistently, few things don’t. The need for a stable, well-paying job is one of them. As technology continues to spread in all aspects of our daily lives, whether it’s at work or at home, IT jobs are starting to sound more appealing and convincing as a career choice. Here are the most in demand IT jobs for 2022 that you can choose from.

IT job market post-Covid-19

With a global pandemic that hit hard and fast like covid-19, most traditional jobs are becoming less popular. Instead, they took a step back to leave room for others to shine. One particular sector is currently thriving due to the increased stay-at-home orders, as well as the wide shift in economies around the world. The IT job market is expanding. This means more IT employment opportunities are seeing the light of day, for both freelance and stable jobs.

Covid-19 has propelled businesses forward into a new era of tech stack reconfiguration, remote-work policies, and updated cyber security profiles. Technologists are needed to lead companies through this transformation process. As a result,The most needed IT specialists’ current job is to ensure the smoothest and most risk-free transition possible. If you’re in the IT business and are still lost on how to position yourself properly, or don’t know what IT jobs to look for, this article is definitely for you.

What do companies need in IT jobs?

The latest numbers show that companies are currently prioritizing protecting their data over other IT jobs such as web/app/UX design. Cloud architects and data administrators are also in high demand. This is due to the increased external and internal risks that the company’s hardware, software, and networks face. They are now searching for tech savvies that can monitor their services, and optimize their performance, all while being flexible and ready for action when they need to.

Furthermore, experts are detecting a high demand for IT jobs such as developers in the education field. Most institutions are in need of software skills and e-learning programs to establish a fully functional digital platform. Schools, universities, and even companies are seeking to master operational tools for two reasons. The first is to teach their students or employees how to work remotely. The second, is to monitor and evaluate their progress, as well as to establish efficient communication canals between all parties.

If you’re looking for new employment opportunities in the IT field, keep in mind that companies are scrambling to adapt to the tight IT job market, all while trying to attract top talent. It can be quite confusing choosing between so many career choices. Ask yourself what you’re looking for in your next IT job to narrow down the list . It will also save you time and help you to develop skills that are more relevant .

IT jobs are the new way to a client’s heart

According to LinkedIn’s list of the top most wanted jobs in 2021, Roles with the biggest increase from January 2021 to February 2021 included security engineer, user interface designer, data architect, and software engineering manager.

Tech roles that support digital transformation initiatives have clearly taken the lead in the job’s market . The covid-19 pandemic has only accelerated these results, but they were always expected to take place. A McKinsey & Co survey has shown that companies are rapidly investing more in the digital sector due to the pandemic. This means more IT jobs are in demand. This is because they are now primarily focusing on meeting more customers online and delivering what satisfies their needs the fastest way possible.

The survey also revealed that executives all around the world are giving more attention to developing digital products as well as making remote work easier for their employees. Both tasks require technical support roles to succeed, hence the rising need for IT specialists.

These initiatives and investments will most likely be keeping IT recruiters busy for the most part of 2022, as companies will need to fill more IT job posts. This being said, a good IT profile isn’t just someone with the most experience and the fastest results. It’s also someone who will be loyal to the company, easy to work with, and is looking for growth opportunities. Make sure to brush up on your communication and leadership skills as well, to attract the best job offers. The IT job market is a ferocious, competitive market, so choose your cards wisely.

The most wanted IT jobs: What should you choose?

To make things easier for our readers, we compiled a list of the 10 most wanted IT jobs with their year-over-year increases by percentage in order, based on the dice jobs report for the first quarter of 2020.

  1. Java developer: 52 percent
  2. Software developer: 36 percent
  3. IT project manager: 28 percent
  4. Computer support specialist: 27 percent
  5. Software QA engineer: 26 percent
  6. Business analyst: 24 percent
  7. Senior software developer: 23 percent
  8. Application developer: 19 percent
  9. Network engineer: 17 percent
  10. Systems engineer: 8 percent

This list goes to show just how diverse IT jobs are, and how important the IT sector is for companies especially during the past year. With java developer as the most wanted IT job and systems engineer at the bottom of the list, we can clearly remark the companies’ need for specialized, well-informed, and experienced technologists in their teams.

The best part? You get to work on something that you are truly passionate about, and get paid for it. According to Technojobs UK, IT support professionals can earn around £35,000 with a couple years of experience under their belts. IOT, Blockchain, and machine learning engineers earn an average salary of £64,658, £68,000 and £67,950 respectively in the UK alone.

In general, the IT market is currently prioritizing IT posts that enforce the company’s digital systems and their overall performance. It is the backbone of their entire workforce, and can be a great tool to use against competitors. As a result, companies will hire only the most competent technicians. The ones with the most experience and the most relevant skills are sure to get hired fast. So make sure to factor in your own capabilities before choosing which IT job to apply for, and make sure to acquire new attractive skills to improve your profile according to the most wanted IT jobs previously listed.


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