Remote jobs: your top 5 well-paying options and how to get them

Just a few years back, remote jobs were a fantasy. It was what dreams were made of. Benefiting from the same advantages of a full-time job while working from the comfort of your own home? Sign us up! But with the current global changes, working from home has become more accessible, while staying just as desired. Here is a list of the Top 5 remote jobs that pay well.

What is a remote job?

A remote work is a modern working style that allows professionals and freelancers to work and perform their professional duties outside of a traditional work environment. The key concept around which remote jobs are built is that work does not need to be executed in a specific place or an office to be done efficiently. Remote jobs give employees more freedom and offer a tress-free environment, ultimately promising better results for the company.

What are the best remote jobs to start with?

1. Looking for a remote job with no hassel? Try Affiliate Marketing:

What’s better than a remote job? A remote job with virtually no effort to put in! That is exactly what affiliate marketing is about. For those unfamiliar with this concept, Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a certain product on a platform (for instance your blog or instagram account), and get a commission in exchange for each client. If you already have a social media presence and want to make some extra cash, affiliate marketing is the way to go.

2. Writer/editor:

This remote job is for those who have a way with words, and great communication skills. Of course, grammatical proficiency is a must as well.  Copywriters and content writers are very in demand right now, which makes this remote job quite easy to find at different sectors. Your writing skills will be required for different purposes; Technical, creative, advertising, etc.  But no matter the sector, your writing has to compel the audience and include call to actions that attract clients.  Writers make an average salary of $ 22.05 an hour.

3. Accountant/bookkeeper:

Most people are intimidated when they hear the word accounting, but the truth is it’s very easy as a remote job and does not need many credentials. You can easily pass a course at your local community college to start making cash.  The salary on the other hand, is very encouraging; the average bookkeeper gets paid $55,000. Meanwhile, your responsibilities will mainly revolve around keeping tracking of a company’s financial transactions.

4. Online teacher:

Anyone with a knack for teaching and has great communication skills can be an online teacher. This is what’s so great with this remote job. You don’t need any diploma to start, and the hours are pretty flexible. Remote tutors get paid $ 21.59 an hour. But make sure to start with a subject that you are well versed at. Start slow, with a small group of students, or even one-on-one sessions before transitioning into harder classes.

5. Graphic designer/animator:

If you have somewhat of a creative mind, are into games, and can use tools like Photoshop and Adobe illustrator easily, then you should consider starting a remote job as an animator or a graphic designer. A graphic designer is mostly in charge of creating the visual identity for a brand. Anything from logos to social media posts can be created by a graphic designer. While an animator mainly creates animation and visual effects for series, video games, etc.  Graphic designers make about $3,444 monthly, while animators can make between $25 and $106 per hour.

Where can I find a remote job that fits me?

Finding a remote job and managing to make a career out of this bold choice can be a daunting experience. There are too many tools to choose from, and too many competitors. However, there are two major ways to start looking for a remote job that are best for beginners: The first are jobboards and company ads, the second is online marketplace.

1. Jobboards and ads :

If you would like to find a stable remote job at a company, your best bet is to look on jobboards and company ads that you can find online, or in journals. This way, you can do your research beforehand, and choose the company that best suits your needs and your values. Generally you can choose either full-time, part-time, or freelance remote jobs when using this method. The recruitment process can also be longer. If you want to raise your odds of finding the perfect remote job for you, join us at Sabiss!

2. Online marketplace:

An online marketplace is a great solution for freelancers. If you want to work project by project, online freelancing platforms is the best way to find a remote job. There are many to choose from, but the most popular are Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, and TaskRabbit.

Remote job in a nutshell:

Although remote work offers you freedom and space to work according to what is comfortable for you, it can be quite hard to be part of a team when you’re far away. Most companies greatly value their organizationnal culture and hierarchy., which is why they are often reluctant to welcome a remote worker in their team. So work on your communicaion skills, be more of a people person so that you can find stable jobs easier.

When choosing remote work, you must understand that your experience and level of mastership is what will get you places. It’s how you will make the most money. So before you start any project, thoroughly research what are the skills needed to excel at it, and if taking on this project will help you out in the long run. You should also build a great public image, as you are the face of your work. Make sure to prepare a great portfolio, and keep your option open. Just like any other career move, remote jobs take dedication and effort. But it sure does offer a lot of advantages.

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