Wanted skills for 2022 and where to get them

The face of business has drastically changed in the span of a year. Although 2022 marks the beginning of a new decade, it constitutes no exception to the transformations happening since the pandemic has started. The sphere of affairs of affairs, in particular, has taken a big hit. As a result, companies all over the world were compelled to re-shape core elements of their identity and work habits. Everything from work space policies to the most wanted skills for employees to have has faced some sort of tweaking to accommodate the 2022 concept of a successful company. Naturally, employees need to upgrade their soft skills as well to keep up with this change, or face unemployment.

At Sabiss recruitments, we know our clients’ needs very well, and those of our candidates. This is why we compiled this list of the most wanted skills for an employee in 2022.

An evolving mindset wanted skills:

The first wanted skill for 2022 is having a growth mindset. Companies are more inclined to hire and keep employees that are flexible and always ready to grow as a collaborator. Curiosity and adaptability are also synonyms of having a growth mindset. The business world is ever changing. As such, companies are in need of people that can keep up with this change and thrive in it.  

A thirst for knowledge wanted skills:

A continuation of the first wanted skill on our list, continuous learning is a required skill for employees in 2022. The half-life of today’s skills is decreasing rapidly. This affects the average employees’ productivity and ability to catch up with new technologies. Continuous learning allows employees to always be at the top of their game and adapt to new situations rapidly. They are the true treasure of any company.

Critical Thinking wanted skill:

Gone are the days where ready-made solutions and robotic tasks were enough. In today’s world, the ability to put into questions your routines and work policies is considered a wanted skill to have in employees. Thinking outside of the box is essential to face today and tomorrow’s problems.

Problem solving wanted skill:

This skill deserves a place among our list as it is a needed skill in all sectors, and on a daily basis. Additionally, every employee is obliged to be more creative and try to find an unusual solution to an unusual problem. Creativity, flexibility, and adaptability are key skills to have for 2022.

Time management:

A major change in today’s work policies is the implementation of remote work. Hence why your bosses have to trust your time management skills and feel comfortable with having you work from home around so many distractions. You have to stay focused and objective-oriented to obtain the best results, which is why time management is such a wanted skill.

Decision making :

No matter where you stand on the hierarchal ladder, you will be faced with the responsibility of making a decision on your own. Indeed, it comes as no surprise, then, that one of the most wanted skills for 2022 is decision making. This takes guts, resilience, and the ability to assess the data at hand. Don’t be afraid of being wrong once in a while. You should be willing to take the risk.

Collaboration and communication skills:  

If you think that working during a pandemic means working on your own, then think again! The current situation has only reinforced the concept of group effort and collaboration in companies. As a result, a most wanted skill for employees to have in 2022 is knowing how to collaborate alongside having great communication capacities. Working with a group of professionals at a distance is hard, which is why your bosses should know that you are up to the challenge and can make it work as efficiently as possible.

Emotional intelligence :

Working through a pandemic can be stressful and very emotionally draining. This is why emotional intelligence is such a wanted skill. Having the ability of staying in tune with your emotion and being able to regulate them, as well as understanding those of your co-workers is essential for any employee.  Having empathy and being supportive are important for both in-person and remote-work scenarios. If you would like to know improve your emotional intelligence, taking a quiz is a great starting point.

Project management:

With most companies switching to remote work, it’s been harder for management to keep tabs on every running project. This is where this skill steps in as one of the most wanted skills for 2022. Managers are now more into delegating project management to their employees and having them take the ropes. It’s a great opportunity for employees to grow and test their managerial skills. It also allows them to give birth to their own managerial style with time.

Now that you know which skills are the most wanted for 2022, It’s time to know where you can learn them.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to acquire any new skill as an employee.

Company workshops, seminars, and other events endorsed by your company:

Companies tend to invest in their human resources by paying for workshops or sending employees to seminars, etc. They are often very open to helping employees go back to school for another degree as well. This is a great method to learn a wanted skill because you get free access to a flurry of knowledge in a topic that interests your company, and by design helps you grow as an important collaborator in your company’s hierarchy.   

Online learning platforms:

A more independent approach is to look for online courses for a specific skill or a skillset. You can either choose free courses or paid ones, but both are very informative and useful. You can study at your own leisure and take things at the pace that you want. A few examples for online learning platforms are Udemy, hubspot academy, khan academy, etc…

Developing both hard and soft skills will boost your chances and improve your image in the eyes of recruiters and managers. Make sure to narrow down the list of wanted skills that serve your objectives well, and then choose the learning method that is most advantageous for you.   

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