Well being at work: how to create a good atmosphere at work

Why do we focus on this thing called work, because we spend so much time doing it? Work is a place where we actually get a good feeling when someone asks us to do something, they are telling we are proficient. It gives us a good feeling and good connection. Work is a place where we learn how to work with teams, how to work with others. These are the things that work provides to us. So it’s an important place where the well-being of employees at work must be maintained.

What is a great workplace?

A great place to work is made up of innovation, values, leadership effectiveness, maximizing human potential, not one of them, but all of them. All of that creates an environment of well-being at work.

This is the big idea. Any employer would like to create a great work to place, attracts the best talents, train them, and gets the best out of them. As if governed by Newton’s law of motion, an institution will resist any change and its current direction. 

It’s not about me or you, it’s about what can we do to create for the work experience of people, and what can be equal and fair for everyone. Another point is the believe of a person. This can be as much as contributor to well being at work as any other element.

Key elements to create well being at work

The company should rely on six key areas to create a safe environment, a great workplace:

  • Belonging: create a sense of belonging, push employees to share their ideas and opinion about the company, make them feel the company is theirs
  • Respect: Respect all employees and be honest with them
  • Fairness: being fair with everyone, and apply the same treatment. For example, give away the same gift value to all employees, no matter the job grade is. Push them to say ‘’ I am a valued member of this organization’’. Everyone plays by the same rules.  
  • Inclusion: include everyone in all discussion
  • Recognition: always recognize and award employees for their achievement, even for small ones. Award can be either monetary or a tap on the shoulder.
  • Listening: Being a good listener always gives the employees a sense of trust towards their employers, ask them what needs to be improved. Push managers to create the conditions necessary to improve the well-being of employees at work.
  • Inspiring: be a good leader, inspire people and push them to be a better version of themselves.

One example of fairness in at the Starbucks Company, they offered to their part-time employees full health insurance that is given to full-timers. Same treatment for all employees, and a happy employee is always productive. When you take care of the employees, they take care back of the company, and you create a great work place.

All these elements link with employee well-being at work, and lead to better business.

How to sustain a great workplace ?

Happy employees are more productive, and they commit to the company no matter what, and absenteeism is reduced. But to keep all that, and keep the fire burning, the organization needs to take some measures to live up to its reputation of a great work place.

1. Profit sharing

Profit sharing was always welcomed amongst employees. If for instance the company had a good quarter, top management can decide to share profits with their employee, like a general bonus. This will contribute to well being at work, and create retention from the employee side. And thus turnover will be very low. An employee is a valued asset of the company, and this later should treat him/her as so. Not to mention the cost of disengagement, because disengaged employees can have higher absenteeism, more accidents, and more errors and defects.

2. Always make the employees happy!

Many studies & workplace reports show that happiness has a direct correlation to the business’s bottom line. A happy employee will always give the best he/she has, come up with creative ideas that can benefit the company, and eventually lead to a better product or service, hence having a competitive advantage in the market. When you couple the benefits of having a happy workplace with the overall improvement to your coworkers’ lives, making conscious upgrades to your culture is a no-brainer.

3. Hosting some team buildings

Having team buildings events from time to time, can be expensive, but the results are far more important than the expenses themselves. When employees play together, bond together, solve problems together, a synergy is created, and fulfillment is at the corner.

4. Greet your team!

Deliver praise and recognition more often. The feeling of being appreciated keeps the employee in the workplace. Offering consistent praise and recognition will always excite the team and they will be eager to contribute more to the company and take initiatives. The key is to be consistent with everyone, if an employee has accomplished outstanding work, he/she needs to be recognized immediately, never wait for a monthly or quarterly review, make them the ‘’employee of the month’’ This will encourage other employees to excel and strive for excellence so they can have the same treatment and increase their self-esteem. An increased self-esteem boosts the employees’ motivation and therefore has a direct impact on well being at work.

To sum-up !

The best and leading companies nowadays are always the ones who have a motivating environment to work for. In other words, a great workplace! Always keep an eye on the employees’ performance so as to praise them. Achieve well being at work is always a win-win. The employees get their rewards, monetary or verbal, and the company will have better end results. Good news travel fast, and words will spread around that a given company is great one to work for. A great work place is called so thanks to the behaviors and practices made by the organization. By doing so, they create positive vibes amongst the employees. A happy employee is productive one.