What are your salary expectations?

This question is certainly the most feared by the candidates. Yet it is of crucial importance. But then, how to answer it? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Here are a few tips!
Before the interview
The topic of salary cannot be improvised. It is important that you arrive at your interview with a clear idea of what you are worth and what you want. To help you define these elements, find information on the internet. Study market prices and compare wages. This will allow you to position yourself and define your market value. Likewise, find out how many interviews you are going to take for the position you are targeting. In this way, you will be able to prepare these various meetings as well as possible and organize your speech according to the interlocutor.
You must show the recruiter that you have prepared for this interview and that you will not leave anything to chance.
During the interview
While it is tempting to adress the topic of salary as quickly as possible in order to get rid of the problem, it is largely advisable to leave this to the recruiter. Starting the interview by talking about compensation can make the recruiter doubt your motivations for the job. It is therefore better to wait.
” What are your salary expectations? “. There is no perfect answer to this question, however, avoid throwing the ball back to your interlocutor by answering with another question such as “How much do you offer me?” “. This will give the impression that you have no idea what you are worth and that you have not done your research about market prices. It is rather advisable to give a price range.
Less categorical than a specific amount, the range opens the door to negotiations. To define it, use your preliminary research. Do not seem too greedy, but do not devalue yourself either. You have to find the middle ground. If you feel the need to justify your salary claims, highlight your skills and experiences. You can also talk about your previous salary if it was higher than the recruiter’s proposal. But beware, it is strongly advised not to lie on your previous salary to negotiate the new one upwards. Nowadays, information circulates quickly thanks in particular to professional networks and it is not excluded that the recruiter contacted your former HR manager before even meeting you!
What if?
If the subject of salary has not been addressed and the interview is ending, take the reins and ask the recruiter. It may be a test on his part.
If the subject of salary has not been addressed, but a second interview is planned, reserve the question for the next meeting.


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