Why should we hire you?

Often asked towards the end of the interview, this difficult and dreaded question can have a very significant impact on the subsequent recruitment process. Its objective is to destabilize the candidate in order to assess his motivation, but also the overall understanding of the position and its challenges. So how do you sell yourself? What attitude to adopt? What are the things to avoid? Here are our tips!


This famous question requires preparation before the interview. It would be really risky to show up on D-Day and choose to improvise. So, a few days before your appointment, sit down and list all the elements that can set you apart from other candidates. Computer skills, stays abroad, languages spoken, each of these elements can make a difference. The goal of this exercise is to find the little extra that will make your profile the most interesting.

On the day of the interview, keep in mind the added value of your profile, so that you can argue when you are asked “Why should we hire you? “. Although the situation is stressful, it is essential to answer this question, even if it means taking a few seconds to think. In your answer, remember to highlight your soft skills: empathy, stress management, problem solving, etc. For each element given, also remember to illustrate with examples and to make the link with the position you are targeting. This will allow the recruiter to see that you are motivated and that you know the duties of the position. Finally, don’t be too modest or too pretentious. It is about finding the right balance.


By asking you this question, the recruiter is waiting for you to introduce them to new elements. He has already had the opportunity to discover your background, your training, … There is therefore no need to repeat yourself. Since the question is usually asked at the end of the interview, it is best not to take too long when answering. Be succinct, factual and don’t go into generalities like “I am sociable, I like human relations, …”. This doesn’t mean much to the recruiter and may make them think you are unprepared. Finally, do not compare yourself to others “I am better than, I have more experiences than …”. This will do you a disservice because you will come across as someone who is pretentious or even self-righteous. In addition, you will lose credibility in the eyes of the recruiter.

The interview is your chance to prove yourself and your motivation for the job, so don’t take this appointment lightly and get ready!