Work in Nigeria : How to find a job in Nigeria as foreigner 

Nigeria is often called the “Giant of Africa”. This name comes from the vastness of its territory, the diversity of its people and languages, its huge population (the largest in Africa), and it is oil and other natural resources. It offers much work in Nigeria opportunities in different sectors.

Nigeria is in West Africa. However, the official language is English.  If you’re planning to work in Nigeria or want to move there. We have some useful information for you.

Why is it difficult to find work in Nigeria?

—Finding a work in Nigeria to strike gold on the street may appear challenging. There appears to be a disparity between the number of job seekers and the number of available jobs: there is a gap that may not have been closed for a long time. Because of the large number of graduates who have volunteered for the National Youth Service Corps, it is difficult for most corps members to acquire a primary assignment place and find work in Nigeria.

Therefore, the eligibility of graduates and jobseekers for available jobs has been greatly diminished by the level of education: this is a very significant point, we see how diluted the education system has been, unqualified teachers delivering half-baked graduates, high school level and corruption in university admission, no university admission. Students are corrupting their way and buying grades from one level to the next.

—If you’re an accountant who can’t keep track of all the essential reports and records and only have a great resume, your resume might get you an interview, but it won’t earn you work in Nigeria. Is it possible for them to show that they went to school?

—Age restriction and a lack of work experience: Another reason people don’t get work in Nigeria is that they may be qualified for a position due to age requirements, but if they are over 25, they are not considered. Employers appear to be especially interested in younger candidates who are more zealous, and they prefer to educate them rather than hire someone with a lot of experience.

—Tribalism, favoritism, nepotism, and all kinds of sentimentality: it’s very hard to get work in Nigeria if you don’t have solid relations. You see that persons who know someone in a high position are more likely to receive the job than someone who is qualified but has no connections.

When to start planning your job search?

The job or career path you choose for yourself, especially to work in Nigeria, does not necessarily depend on your school education.

Based on their talents, many have found employment where their curriculum could not fit. In Nigeria, you will find a physicist who knows French and Spanish working in a bank and translating for foreign clients.

How to look for work in Nigeria?

Think about your likes and dislikes, as well as what you need and expect from the work in Nigeria :
You know your talents. You may have been told by peers that you are good at something. It doesn’t happen overnight. You target your quest to the companies, industries, or organizations that want what you give when that gift begins to generate monetary benefits. You’ll feel like you’re getting paid to do what you love when your passion is your career, so the work in Nigeria is easy for you.
Regularly update your resume: don’t keep circulating the first draft of the resume you have because it is assumed that the more you progress, the more experience you gain can be included in your resume. The new expertise has been applied to any certificate courses you just completed that will be useful in the field of the work in Nigeria you are seeking; anything can be added in the field to the profile. This shows your ingenuity and seriousness on your part. It is all about how to find work in Nigeria. Keep looking and you will get one.

Where to find English jobs in Nigeria?

Teaching English is a great option. In this case, you are a native English speaker. All the sites provided below are almost similar. But, they have a huge amount of English teachers jobs in Nigeria. You can just browse each of the sites. Also, you will surely find English job opportunities.
— ESL Jobs: The site doesn’t have much of a user-friendly interface. But, who cares about website design when you have many English education options to choose from to get work in Nigeria.
— Total ESL: The site has a very busy interface. But also has lots of job listings for teaching abroad.
— LinkedIn: Last but not least, this huge professional social network. It’s a resource where you can make contacts in the field and where your interest lies.



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