Work in the USA : Best U.S. cities for Job Seekers in 2022

Work in the USA is a dream come true! The international influence of the US and the American culture attract workers from all over the world for a few years or for life!

If you are considering leaving France to work in the USA, it’s best to study the local job market a little before choosing your specific destination. To help you, we have compiled a list of the 10 best cities to work in America:


San Francisco

One of the largest cities to work in the USA, San Francisco is also one of the largest technology centers in the world, which attracts foreign professionals, students, and entrepreneurs in large numbers. Whatever your reason for moving here, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled lifestyle and a myriad of academic, professional, and social opportunities. For those who decide to work for themselves, there are several modern co-working spaces in the city equipped with the latest technology to help you get your project off the ground.


New York City

The East Coast megalopolis welcomes you to its business districts and skyscrapers to work in the USA.
New York is a city that lives day and night with a special dynamic and numerous job opportunities.



The city of Orlando is the 6th largest city in Florida and attracts millions of people every year to work in the USA.
It is also known for the Disney World theme park! Work in the USA in a magical and fairy tale atmosphere in one of the many hotels of the complex or within the park to welcome customers and transmit the dream of the world of Disney. Participating in the development of tourism in the United States is easier in Orlando!



Less popular than other major U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles, Boston has a lot to offer in terms of work in the USA. Not only does the city have a growing economy and low unemployment, but it also has a vibrant job market with many opportunities for foreign professionals, even though there is strong competition to find work in the USA in certain fields such as high-tech and healthcare services. Boston today has a highly skilled workforce of more than 2.5 million professionals, most of whom are employed in sectors such as business services, healthcare, and education, not to mention the presence of large multinational corporations that have established themselves here over the years.


Los Angeles

Located on the West Coast of the United States, Los Angeles is a mythical city for its location between the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains.
Ideal to launch a career and conquer the world of American cinema in the famous district of Hollywood. Los Angeles is also dynamic in the fashion sector and now companies invested in digital technology who come to look for more accessible working conditions than in the Silicon Valley of San Francisco. If you’re looking for work in the USA in the field of cinema, LA is your destination!


San Antonio

Located in the state of Texas, San Antonio is a dynamic city synonymous with high technology and tourism.
If you are seeking work in the USA; San Antonio will charm you with its picturesque neighborhoods and famous sites such as the Tower of the Americas, the San Antonio Missions National Historical park, and the walks along the city’s canals.


San Jose

Searching for work in the USA? The largest city in California, San Jose is home to the famous Silicon Valley, so coveted by professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world. In addition to being the cultural, economic, and political capital of the region, San Jose is also one of the wealthiest cities to work in the USA. It is a technology hub and a hub of innovation, research, and development. Google, Apple, and Adobe, as well as Samsung, are just some major employers in the region.


Washington DC

The U.S. capital has many advantages for newcomers for those looking for work in the USA, including a dynamic job market and an abundance of opportunities across the board. Large multinationals such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Deloitte are among the top employers in Washington. But that’s not all! Even though the work in the USA culture is quite competitive, which means long days at the office, you’ll still enjoy an active social life thanks to the city’s diversity and numerous attractions, not to mention the presence of pubs, restaurants where meetups are regularly held. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet new people and make it easier for you to fit in while expanding your circle. Washington also has more than 60 co-working spaces with facilities such as conference rooms and a gym to stretch your legs while chatting with other members after work in the USA.

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